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The Washington Post reports that Mars is bringing out a new Milky Way bar – which is the same size as a king-size Milky Way but pre-broken in half so that consumers can eat it on the go.

As opposed to biting it in half, which we assume was the old-fashioned and inefficient way to eat the candy bar.

The Post writes that “on the go” is seen as “a home run phrase for advertisers. Market research firm Datamonitor reports that the number of foods with ‘go’ in the product name or labeling has more than tripled since 2001 -- from 134 to around 500. Convenience is big, time is limited, blah blah blah. But this latest trend, in which foods are cunningly sold as On the Go even if their Go-ness was never in doubt, underscores the bigness of the concept in today's society.”
KC's View:
I’m thinking that pre-chewed food is next. Because if the consumer is actually too lazy or too busy (and I’m not really sure which of these is the dominant trait) to bite into the candy bar, isn’t chewing really a more time and energy intensive proposition?