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Connecticut-based Stew Leonard’s will introduce next week a new own-label line of all-natural meat called Naked Beef, made from 100% Black Angus cattle that have never been given hormones, antibiotics or steroids, and are fed completely on grass and grain.

The launch follows the company’s highly successful introduction of a line of all-natural Naked Chicken products.

According to the company, Naked Beef will be available in strip steaks, rib eyes, porterhouse, tenderloin and sirloin cuts, as well as freshly ground. “In blind taste-tests conducted by Stew Leonard’s butchers and chefs, Naked Beef was the overwhelming hands-down winner, scoring the highest among national natural beef brands in terms of tenderness, juiciness, flavor and overall quality,” the company said.
KC's View:
I haven’t had a chance to taste the Naked Beef yet, but I can vouch for the Naked Chicken line.

But Stew’s makes a broader point here about marketing and branding. The company isn’t selling somebody else’s brand, but rather is making a distinct and individual statement about its own differential advantages. You can’t get this anywhere else, and if you like the product, it becomes just one more reason to walk in the front door.

And I say this as someone who has been walking in that front door almost weekly for something like 24 years.