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Ohio’s Jungle Jim’s International Market has won an “America’s Best Restroom” contest, beating out a national cross-section of hotels, museums, casinos and restaurants to land the honor.

The contest was sponsored by Cintas Corporation, a provider of restroom hygiene products and services; the voting was done online, and was designed to gauge exceptional hygiene, style and open access to the public.

The Jungle Jim’s bathrooms, when viewed from the outside, look like rather crummy port-o-potties…but when the doors are swung open, they reveal broad hallways adorned in a jungle motif, leading to restroom s decorated with flowers, marble, soft green tile, and tropical pictures.
KC's View:
Without going into specifics, I can say without reservation or fear of contradiction that I’ve seen and used jungle Jim’s bathrooms – and they are terrific.

More importantly, they suggest how a sense of whimsy and surprise can animate a business in unexpected ways…and how a smart retailer can find differential – and talked about – differential advantages in unusual places.