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The International Herald Tribune reports that the Chinese government is preparing to announce new regulations that would require every food export to be inspected by officials and then given a kind of government seal of approval. The initiative comes as there have been a number of recalls of products imported from China – both food and nonfood.

However, the Herald Tribune also reports that Chinese officials “would oppose any mandate that importers hire independent safety laboratories to test all of the Chinese toys destined for the United States. It would also oppose deploying United States government toy inspectors to China.”
KC's View:
I hate to be skeptical about the efficacy and veracity of the Chinese government, but as a consumer I’m not sure that a seal of approval from Chinese inspectors is going to reassure me a whole hell of a lot.

On the other hand, there is a certain sense of security knowing that if anyone screws up over there, they’re either going to be executed or will commit suicide.