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The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Kroger plans to expand its Private Selections organic food line by some 60 SKUs this fall, with the new items to include pasta, milk, snacks and peanut butter. By the end of the year, Kroger expects to double the current Private Selections item count to as much as 600.

"Our customers tell us they are interested in trying more organic foods, and this expanded assortment is designed to help them do that during their regular shopping visits with us," Linda Severin, vice president of corporate brands at Kroger, tells the paper. Severin also says that Private Selections is designed to appeal to customers who are not hardcore organic users.

"This responds to customers who just want to make a smarter food choice and start opening their lives to organic," Severin tells Forbes. "It's a way for people to sort of put their toe in the water."

As currently comprised, Private Selections is some 300 items strong, and the line is integrated into the chain’s mainstream grocery departments. The line carries a USDA organic certified seal, according to the story, and is guaranteed to be free of antibiotics and growth hormones and produced with no artificial preservatives or chemicals.
KC's View:
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which seems to believe that only Whole Foods and Wild Oats sell natural and organic foods, will be shocked to find out that not only does Kroger sell such products, but it is successful enough with them to double this particular product line.