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• Talk about cross-merchandising…Wal-Mart is engaged in a little cross-Atlantic merchandising. Reports are that the company’s Asda division in the UK has begun exporting premium private label products under the Extra Special name to its Wal-Mart de Mexico division.

Walmex started off by importing about 50 Asda products, and now plans to double the SKU count to 100 because of the success of the line.

And Wal-Mart may not be stopping there, as there are published reports that it is thinking of exporting Extra Special own label products from Asda to its Seiyu division in Japan.
KC's View:
This is interesting, because it reflects how Wal-Mart – big and as powerful as it is – still looks for differential advantages wherever it can. And its multinational presence gives it a unique platform from which to operate.