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In the wake of last week’s disclosure that has begun testing a pilot program called Amazon Fresh that will deliver perishable groceries to consumers, including organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables, dairy products, ice cream, meat and seafood. MNB has learned – in response to a question raised by several MNB users – where the online retailer is sourcing its fresh food.

The answer is – lots of places.

According to sources, Amazon Fresh is getting products from both Associated Grocers (soon to be sold to Unified Grocers, if the deal is finalized next month as expected) and Supervalu. In addition, the company reportedly is getting a variety of products – meat, seafood, produce, bakery – from local sources that Amazon has identified as being “best of class.”
KC's View:
What’s interesting about this, it seems to me, is that it poses the question about how Amazon would roll out nationally – would it work with local distributors on a regional basis, or eventually look to work with a national distributor like Supervalu that might give the company greater consistency.

My guess is that while a national distributor might give Amazon Fresh consistency, it also might give Amazon less control...and this only really works if Amazon maintains some level of control.

It is, after all, Amazon’s name on the door … and it has to make sure that the products and services live up to its reputation.