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• The Muskegon Chronicle reports that Meijer and Wal-Mart are going head-to-head in Grand Haven, Michigan, and that the battle – during which the two stores share a traffic light and sit across the street from each other – symbolizes the seriousness with which Wal-Mart looks at the market.

There is no question, the story suggests, that Wal-Mart is bringing its A-game: the store “has been designed for northwest Ottawa County's more affluent demographics, featuring larger electronics and sports departments and a more extensive wine selection in the food center. The garden center also is bigger. To cater to tourists, the store has a larger fishing gear area and its automotive tire and lube facility can service recreational vehicles.

“Because it is the newest area Wal-Mart, the Grand Haven Township outlet includes several environmentally friendly touches, including skylights throughout the store and ceiling lights that dim according to the amount of sunlight streaming into the building. The floors are made of recycled concrete and lights in the food freezers are controlled by motion sensors. The exterior of the building also is different than standard Wal-Mart design. At the insistence of township planners, the building is all red brick and has a colonial design.”
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