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The Houston Chronicle reports that major retailers, especially big box stores, are starting to target the teacher population with discounts and promotions, focusing on the fact that “teachers often end up paying out of pocket for some, if not many, of their classroom supplies.” These supplies can include food products for snacks as well as basic stationery and art supplies.

“Some offer teacher discounts, others have created loyalty programs, and others will offer rewards to a designated school if teachers shop there,” the Chronicle writes.

According to the story, the average teacher spends $552 of his or her own money on school supplies last year, up from $458 in 2006.
KC's View:
Good story, and a very good idea.

Mrs. Content Guy is a third grade teacher, and I know that she’d respond to retailers that offer discounts to teachers, and she’d be quick to spread the word to her fellow teachers.

By the way, you can trust me on this - she’s the kind of teacher that everybody wants their child to have: firm, nurturing, imaginative and intent on getting her charges not just to learn, but to think. And I’m always amazed at how much of her own money she spends each year on the classroom…and that’s in addition to her room being on what I teasingly refer to as the MorningNewsBeat Grant Program. (One year I went out and bought a globe for her classroom because the district apparently didn’t think that each classroom ought to have one. Misplaced priorities, I think…)