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The Detroit News reports that Meijer Inc. continues to be committed to the Chicago market as a major growth opportunity, having already built 14 stores there since 2000. While Chicago was seen as a risk because of the dominance of both Jewel and Dominick’s, the privately held Meijer has been able to be aggressive there in terms of marketing and merchandising without worrying about shareholders and market analysts.

According to the News, in Chicago “Meijer faces a market with a decidedly more competitive environment than in its home state, including some of the most expensive advertising costs in the nation … Still, the chain's management insists it has what it takes to make it in the biggest -- and most competitive -- market. While the privately held merchant doesn't release sales numbers, experts have estimated its 2006 sales at around $13.2 billion, which exhibits strong growth over previous years just as initial returns from its push into Chicago began to show.”
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