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The Vancouver Sun reports that an Edmonton woman is suing Canada Safeway for $2 million, saying that when she sat down on a broken toilet in one of its stores, she hurt her back…which has made it hard to do housework, damaged her career prospects and general made her life miserable.

“In the process of sitting down on the toilet, the plaintiff realized that the toilet seat was in fact moving," the lawsuit claims. "The plaintiff, as a result of the above, abruptly and awkwardly tried to stand up as the toilet seat was falling off to the floor. In the process ... of attempting to avoid falling off of the toilet seat, the plaintiff was injured as she twisted her lower back and stumbled."

Canada Safeway has denied the allegations and says that any injuries the woman might have received have long since healed.
KC's View:
Fill in your own jokes here. I just can’t resist a good toilet story.