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HealthDay News reports on a new study done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) saying that when high school students consume alcohol, they tend to prefer bourbon, rum, scotch, vodka and whiskey – and not beer. Among these teens, wine was the least popular alcoholic beverage by a wide margin.

Now, the study has some limitations, since it examined behavior in just four states – Arkansas, New Mexico, Nebraska and Wyoming. But the numbers suggest that more than forty percent of high school students are consuming alcohol – and that more than 25 percent of those surveyed engage in binge drinking, with the majority of binge drinking also being done with hard liquor.

The authors of the study suggest that there are likely two reasons that teens prefer hard liquor to beer. One is that the can get a buzz faster, and second, it is easier to conceal the fact that they are consuming booze because they can mix it with soft drinks and juices.
KC's View:
I realize that this isn’t strictly a business story, though it certainly does have retail ramifications – after all, they have to be buying this stuff somewhere.

But as a father of teenagers, I was surprised by some of the revelations and thought this was worth passing along.