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Many wine drinkers – including the Content Guy – were just beginning to get comfortable with the idea of screw caps on wine bottles, trying to get over a bias toward cork and the inimitably romantic sound of the cork being removed from a bottle of wine.

But now, in the UK, The Telegraph reports that Sainsbury is going to be testing the next innovation in wine packaging – plastic bottles, which the chain claims “are more environmentally friendly and will bounce, rather than smash, if dropped on the floor.”

According to the story, “While it has been possible to buy wine in plastic containers before, Sainsbury says this is the first time the bottles have been made to look identical to traditional glass bottles.” Initially, the test will include both own label and branded wines from New Zealand and Australia…where, the story points out, plastic wine bottles have been used for some time.
KC's View:
This is the real problem with making screw tops acceptable. It allows standards to slip, and then slowly, inevitably, things like this happen.

I am perplexed. And more than a little sad.