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The Washington Post reports that the North American bison is gaining popularity as a meat of choice in restaurants, butcher shops and upscale meat stores, growing 21 percent in terms of sales during the first half of 2007. The represents close to 24,000 buffalo that were slaughtered for food during that six month period – which seems like a lot, but is just a niche compared to the 125,000 cows that are slaughtered for food each day.

Supporters of the product say it is 1) healthier for you than traditional steak, 2) distinctive in taste, and 3) represents a traditional and sustainable national industry that has been regaining strength in recent years.
KC's View:
If I’m remembering correctly, CNN founder Ted Turner has a chain of restaurants called “Ted’s Montana Grill” that specializes in bison steaks and burgers – in part because Turner owns the largest herd of bison in the world.

Which means that if you eat or sell bison meat, you’re helping to pay off his divorce settlement with Jane Fonda. How’s that for a noble cause?