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USA Today reports this morning that the Chinese space agency and a Shanghai food manufacturer have joined to create a line of astronaut foods that will be marketed in supermarkets there by the end of the year. The products are said to be especially suitable to bring along on camping trips and other outdoor activities.

According to the story, the two organizations “have developed more than 60 space dishes — including meat, vegetables, starches and desserts — for the country's space program, only the third in the world to launch a human into orbit.”

The announcement comes as the Chinese government looks for ways to regain lost respect for its food industry after a series of safety scandals caused global questions about food products and ingredients exported by Chinese manufacturers.

Among the specific products to be sold: roast pork, stewed duck, cantaloupe chips and taro-stuffed mooncake.
KC's View:
What, no pork-flavored cardboard?

Of course, the only problem with eating this Chinese food in space is that when you’re hungry an hour later, there aren’t a lot of other options.

If you ask me, they ought to forget about these kinds of space foods and start working on a gadget like the replicators in Star Trek. Now that would be an advance…