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• Starbucks announced yesterday that it will raise the cost of its store-made beverages this month by an average of nine cents or three per cent per cup, to compensate for higher costs on coffee, dairy products and energy.

• The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks has decided to delay its entry into India, which was scheduled to take place later this year.

“We're committed to having a presence in the market," said company spokesman Brandon Borrman. "This is just a temporary decision as we assess our options and make revisions."

Some analysts say the decision was made because of concerns about the demands placed by the Indian government on international entities looking to do business in India.

Forbes reports that there are a fair number of rumors in the marketplace that Starbucks will expand the number of beverages it sells in locations like supermarkets and c-stores … enough so that it has affected the company’s share price, raising it by four percent. Analysts say that in order to broaden its distribution Starbucks would have to expand its relationship with a company like PepsiCo, which already distributes a number of its packaged beverages.

Starbucks, however, denies the rumors.
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