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The New York Times reports that while McDonald’s executives have worked overtime the past few years trying to make the company better rather than bigger, emphasizing healthier and higher quality foods. The strategy has largely worked, with the company’s sales and stock price performing exceedingly well.

“Given those results, a new McDonald’s menu item is a bit of a stunner,” the Times writes. “Remember Supersize sodas? They’re back, except this time the chain is trying a new name. Meet the ‘Hugo,’ a 42-ounce drink now available for as little as 89 cents in some markets. A Hugo soda contains about 410 calories. McDonald’s might as well have called it the Tubbo.

“Making matters worse, Hugo ads are available in several languages, making sure that minorities — who are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic — are aware of the budget beverage.

“McDonald’s officials said they were simply offering customers a variety of choices. And they emphasized that the Hugo was a summer promotion and available only in some markets.”

Critics, however, say that McDonald’s is just returning to its “supersize me” strategy of past years and giving it a new name.
KC's View:
I actually think that both sides have a point – McDonald’s is, in fact, responding to a consumer demand, and is trying to have it both ways by not using the “supersize” moniker.

But I also think that McDonald’s is being a little tone-deaf on this issue. Which is surprising, especially considering its recent strong performance.

Sometimes, you can’t have it both ways.