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• A story in the Los Angeles Times this morning about urban redevelopment in downtown LA notes that “Ralphs Grocery got its start in downtown Los Angeles during the horse-and-buggy days. But the supermarket abandoned the city center in 1950, a symbol of the district's rapid decline in the wake of the post-World War II suburban boom.

“Now, Ralphs is poised to return to the heart of the city, with a 50,000-square-foot market in the shadow of Staples Center and more than a dozen new condo towers. It is scheduled to open Friday. The supermarket is a central part of a concerted effort by developers and urban planners to create suburban touches in one corner of downtown, an area known as South Park.”

• Carrefour reportedly is planning to begin rolling out a new generation hypermarket in France that has a broader selection particularly in nonfood, as well as newly designed food departments featuring items such as chocolate and local produce. The new format also reportedly uses a gray and white color scheme.
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