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In California, the Mercury News reports that “Save Mart is restoring the Lucky name next week to 72 Bay Area supermarkets it purchased from Albertsons.

“Starting at midnight Sunday with a San Francisco supermarket, Save Mart will systematically shut down about eight Albertsons stores a week and conduct 48-hour makeovers … Cosmetic changes will give stores a retro-Lucky decor. The chain will cut the majority of prices for its 45,000 to 50,000 items to reflect Lucky's boast of ‘everyday low prices.’ Workers will stock new product lines on the shelves and don Lucky uniforms. The chain will revive its ‘Three's a crowd’ promise to open up checkout counters if lines back up.

“And, most obvious of all, the famous red script Lucky logo will be hoisted over the front doors to welcome shoppers back.”
KC's View:
Albertsons discarded the Lucky name when it bought the company, but there isn’t anyone I know who remembers Lucky that doesn’t have a strong and specific memory of what the chain represented. (I used to live in California in the mid-seventies, as a financially challenged college student, and I clearly remember where the local Lucky was and how much I depended on it for cheap ice cream and cheaper beer.)

However, with restoring a legendary brand name comes the responsibility for living up to its promise. Save Mart needs to take this very, very seriously.