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The New York Times reports that a new study by researchers at the university of California , Davis, says that organic tomatoes may be better for you that regular tomatoes because they have significantly higher levels of flavonoids, which may protect against cardiovascular disease.

The results are getting publicity just a week after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that there is “little hard evidence that a diet rich in tomatoes and the tomato antioxidant lycopene can ward off cancer,” and that reports to the contrary were erroneous.
KC's View:
Good for the heart. Not so good at fighting cancer.

Wonder what the headlines will say next week.

No wonder consumers are confused. As I wrote last week, the hell with the studies. I’m more interested in flavor than flavonoids. I’m going to keep eating massive amounts of tomatoes – from pasta sauce to sliced organic tomatoes to V-8 – because I like ‘em. Which, in the end, is the best reason of all.