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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that one of the ways that Procter & Gamble plans to achieve its overall sales goal – increases of between five and seven percent annually over the next three years – is “to tap roughly one billion additional consumers -- most of them very poor women who live in developing countries.

“Reaching these customers isn't easy. In emerging markets, P&G estimates that 80% of people buy their wares from mom-and-pop stores no bigger than a closet. Crammed with food and a hodgepodge of household items, these retailers serve as the pantries of the world's poorest consumers for whom both money and space are tight.”

Which means that “P&G has been deploying its armies of researchers, product developers and merchandising wizards to better understand both high-frequency-store shoppers, owners and the haphazard distributor networks that stock them,” the Journal writes, as the manufacturer looks for more shelf space and better positioning – which it says can result in better profit margins for these small store owners.
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