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HealthDay News reports that new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) studies show that there is “little hard evidence that a diet rich in tomatoes and the tomato antioxidant lycopene can ward off cancer,” and that reports to the contrary were erroneous.

The story notes that FDA has been expressing doubt about the benefits of lycopene since 2005, but that this is the first time that it has put the evidence and conclusion in print.

The research is laid out in the current edition of the Journal of the American Cancer Institute.
KC's View:
I’ve been justifying all the tomatoes, tomato juice and tomato sauce that I eat as being cancer prevention measures, but now I’ll just have to be honest – I just love tomatoes.

(By the way, I just tried a new sauce the other day that I loved – Francis Coppola’s Mammarella Organic Matriciana Sauce. Yummm….!)