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• The Columbus Dispatch reports that Meijer “has rolled out a text-messaging program that alerts drivers via their cell phones when the company is getting ready to raise gasoline prices. The program, which the grocery retailer began testing last year in its Michigan and Indiana stores, now is available in central Ohio.”

• Applebee’s announced yesterday that it will join the long list of restaurant chains eliminating trans fats from their cooking oils.

• The New York Times reports this morning that Cadbury Schweppes has received about a dozen expressions of interest in its US drinks business.

• The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that it has stopped manufacturing its Spykes malt beverage line of drinks because of what is termed “disappointing sales” and “unfounded criticism” by advocacy groups that have accused A-B of marketing Spykes to underage drinkers.

MNB reported earlier this week that the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ruled that Spykes violated federal law because their labels are too hard to read. As a result, A-B stopped production on the product line for a week while it brought its labeling specs up to code.

But now, the line is history.
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