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Food safety transparency in a British pub? That seems to be the case at the Shannon Inn in Bucklesham, Suffolk, England, where the owners have installed a webcam in the kitchen so that people hanging out at the bar can not only track the progress of their meal orders, but also can judge the safety of the food handling techniques employed by the cooks.

“It’s a bit of a unique idea and we wanted to show our customers that we have nothing to hide,” says Paul Freeman, one of the pub’s owners. “Trade has moved forward and everyone who visits thinks it’s a good idea.”
KC's View:
We remember a few years ago when a London pub in the financial district there decided to let the people ordering beer determine the prices they should pay. It set a floor and a ceiling, and then created a kind of trading board – the more that people ordered a certain product, the lower the price got…which created a certain level of excitement among the drinkers who traded stocks for a living. (Of course, the stock market works the opposite way – the more you buy, the higher the price – but the idea seemed to click.)

Good show, chaps.