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It is reported in numerous papers that former Pepsi executive Edward F. Boyd, sometimes described as the Jackie Robinson of corporate America, has died at age 92 in Los Angeles.

Boyd, who began working for Pepsi in 1947, was responsible for groundbreaking marketing campaigns in which black people were shown as middle class, respectable consumers; he also was along a number of black salesmen hired by Pepsi, which wanted to generate sales within the black community.

In a statement, PepsiCo CEO and Chairwoman Indra Nooyi said, "His groundbreaking history with Pepsi and the powerful, lasting impact that Ed made on both our company and our nation speak for themselves. When I reflect upon people who have made a profound difference on our company, Ed Boyd's name will be foremost among them. I believe his passion and tenacity are the embodiment of the very best of what PepsiCo strives to be every day."
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