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The National Retail Federation reports that the average American consumer will spend $120 on a Valentine’s Day present this year, $19 more than he or she spent a year ago. In total, US consumers are expected to spend $16.9 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Interestingly, the average man will spend almost twice as much on a Valentine’s Day present as the average woman - $154, compared to $85 – and the most popular gifts will be flowers (58.3 percent), candy (42.9 percent) and jewelry (27.6 percent).
KC's View:
We assume that most men spend more because of residual guilt – either we’ve done something wrong and want to compensate, or we figure we’ll eventually do something wrong and might as well get ahead of the curve.

As for where we fit into these findings…we’re not telling. (Mrs. Content Guy occasionally reads the site…)