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The Business Journal of Phoenix reports that Tesco formally announced that its US stores will be called “Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market.” The stores, which will be about 10,000 square feet in size, is designed to be smaller than traditional supermarkets so as to facilitate an easier shopping experience. The company has been referring to the units as convenience stores, though the evidence – and Tesco’s history – suggest that the stores will not be c-stores in the way that US consumers ordinarily think of them.

The stores are scheduled to be opened In Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, with the first units to be opened later this year. Tesco said it has 20 confirmed locations in Arizona at the present time, and is looking for more.

"The Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market format is designed to draw customers back to their local neighborhoods by offering high quality, fresh and nutritious food at affordable prices," Tesco US CEO Tim Mason said in a statement.
KC's View:
We keep thinking that the emergence of Tesco’s Neighborhood Markets is going to lead to greater momentum for another major retailer’s Neighborhood Market concept.