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Publix said yesterday that “after in-depth studies of the health, natural and organic sectors,” it has decided to expand its Publix GreenWise Markets to include two additional locations, one in Vero Beach, Florida (a conversion of an existing Publix), and the other in Tampa (new construction).

These two stores are in addition to GreenWise stores being developed in Palm Beach and Vero Beach, the first of which is scheduled to open later this year.

"We're committed to serving the changing lifestyle and nutritional needs of our customers," said CEO Charlie Jenkins in a prepared statement. "We have seen exceptional growth in the health, natural and organic food areas of our traditional stores. Publix GreenWise Markets will allow for an environment focused on natural foods as well as provide a venue with an emphasis on prepared foods."
KC's View:
This is what’s called “a commitment” by one of the nation’s best supermarket chains. It makes sense…and furthermore, it highlights the fact that anything less than commitment to the new retailing environment isn’t good enough.

Interesting, isn’t it, that while Winn-Dixie tries to figure out how to be Publix, Publix is raising the bar on its own operations.

Yep. Interesting.