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Safeway announced last Friday that it will convert 20 of its Dominick’s stores in the Chicago market to the company’s Lifestyle format by the end of the year, which will mean that half of its stores in the Windy City will be Lifestyle stores. The company said that as part of its “ strategic plan to revitalize its operation” there, it also is identifying sites in Chicago for new store development.

At the same time, the company said it would close 14 underperforming stores, bring its Chicago fleet down to a total of 83. The company has closed more than 20 store sin the past five years.

“These are necessary steps that will help position Dominick’s business for success and expansion in Chicagoland,” Don Keprta, Dominick’s president, said in a statement.
KC's View:
We’ve seemingly come a long way from the days when everybody, including us, was predicting that Safeway eventually was going to sell off the Dominick’s division.

We were wrong.

Good for Safeway. We like it when companies prove our cynicism and occasional descent into pessimism to be unfounded.