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The San Francisco Examiner reports that State Senator Carole Migden (D-San Francisco) has introduced new legislation there requiring “any meat from cloned animals or from the offspring of clones to be clearly labeled as such, as a notice and potential warning to California consumers.”

Migden tells the Examiner, “Since every apricot or apple we eat is labeled, we want consistency, and I believe the public wants to know what they’re eating. We believe the public should be informed and triply assured that the products are safe.”

The legislation is introduced just weeks after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a preliminary report saying that food and milk from cloned animals is safe to eat and drink, and did not require labeling. The FDA currently is in a public comment period, after which it will issue final regulations.
KC's View:
We agree with this legislation’s intent. We have no problem eating or drinking products from cloned animals, but we believe that labeling transparency is an absolute requirement. To not tell shoppers what they are eating and drinking is to virtually lie to them.