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• Peter Brennan has been named the first-ever Vice Chairman of the Board of Daymon Worldwide, and Alex Miller, most recently Executive Vice President, has been appointed to succeed Brennan as President and Chief Operating Officer of the company.

“We have accomplished a tremendous amount in terms of private label global expansion and penetration in the past 15 years under Peter’s hands-on leadership as President,” says Daymon’s co-founder and chairman, Milton Sender. “We have more than quintupled our size in number of associates, customers and principal partners, and we have created relationships with retailers in 18 countries…This is a position and a title we have never had before, but I believe with the growth and complexity of the organization and the industry, and considering our aggressive future growth objectives, this will prove to be a very pivotal position for the corporation in the moving forward.

In announcing Miller’s appointment, Brennan said, “Alex’s contributions to the growth of the Daymon organization make him the logical candidate to assume the day-to-day leadership of the company. He has outstanding experience in domestic retail operations, the international arena and has headed various Daymon headquarters departments and capabilities. Even more, he has demonstrated great leadership skills and a vision of where Daymon is going. To be a Daymon without borders – geographical, cultural or otherwise – we must truly understand the capabilities, challenges and opportunities of this entire global organization and its customers and principals. Alex has proven to possess that unique skill.”
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