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There is a story out of New York saying that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) there claims that one of the top causes of train delays is sick passengers – and many of them are dieters who are fainting because of dizziness related to whatever form of food deprivation they seem to be trying.

In fact, the MTA says that dizzy, dieting passengers are more numerous than those suffering from the flu, anxiety attacks, hangovers and heat exhaustion.
KC's View:
We were in NYC’s Chinatown last weekend, having an amazing dinner with Mrs. Content Guy’s parents, and while we were waiting for the car at the garage Mrs. Content Guy got into a long conversation with someone else who was waiting, and he explained to her that he was on what he called “the lemon diet.” Each day for ten weeks, this guy was drinking only a beverage made up of lemon or lime juice, organic maple syrup, a pinch of cayenne pepper and 14 ounce of pure water.

Reading the MTA story made us think that we wouldn’t want to be stuck in traffic with this guy, that the odds of his collapsing behind the wheel would be pretty high.