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In this month’s Facts, Figures & The Future, Phil Lempert writes about new research showing that “there is a strong correlation between consumers who try the hardest to eat healthfully and those who eat dinner at home nearly every day. The topline is that supermarkets have a real opportunity to build a strong relationship by helping shoppers be healthier by offering what we continue to call ‘meal solutions.’”

Lempert cites a survey conducted by Rodale’s Prevention and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) in which consumers said that supermarkets can help them by:

• Posting signs indicating healthy food choices (73%).
• Posting signs and information about disease management (66%).
• Employing staff that can answer nutrition questions (62%).
• Offering weight loss and diet information (56%).
• Conducting cooking classes to teach consumers about healthy meals (49%).

All of which, Lempert writes, “points to a huge supermarket opportunity to not only be positioned as the good source ... but the key to turning around (the obesity) issue that continues to point to epidemic proportions in the future.”

FMI’s Michael Sansolo picks up on the topic in his monthly column, writing about his experience at a “meal preparation” store, where he found “a simple concept store that makes meal preparation easy, gives shoppers an easy source of new recipes and could be a big competitive problem for all of us very quickly.”

Sansolo writes of his donning apron and bandana, “I may have felt (and looked) silly, but what was happening around me suggested yet another way to delight the shopper, and any retailer could do it.”

And, there’s much more.

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