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The Washington Post reports that Taco Bell, linked to a new E. coli outbreak in the eastern US, has ordered the removal of all green onions and scallions from each of its almost six thousand restaurants around the country.

Company president Greg Creed called the move the result of “an abundance of caution,” and did not say as of this posting whether testing had conclusively proven that the onions were responsible for the more than 30 people who have been stricken with E. coli poisoning.

Nine Taco Bell restaurants in New York and New Jersey were closed earlier this week after they were all linked to an E. coli outbreak; all used the same food distributor.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Pennsylvania health officials also are investigating possible cases of E. coli linked to dining at Taco Bell restaurants, and that nine restaurants there have been closed as a precautionary measure. The nine NY-NJ Taco Bells implicated in the outbreak reportedly have been reopened after the facilities were sanitized and the food all was replaced.
KC's View:
No wonder people get confused. Yesterday, we were quoting a story that said onions are one of the foods that can help to fight cancer. Today, they’re being blamed at least on a preliminary basis for causing the spread of E. coli.

It’s a perfect example of why many retailers need to be in the food information business in addition to all their normal duties. It’s the world we live in.

By the way, since this comes just months after the spinach-related E. coli scare, we think that we’re going to get into a new business – creating toupees for supermarket produce managers.

Because they’ve got to be tearing their hair out.