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The Pioneer Press reports that while legislators in Minnesota are not considering New York City-type legislation that could ban the use of trans fats by restaurants, attention to the issue does seem to be gathering some momentum.

Several local restaurants and schools have taken the lead,” the Pioneer Press reports. “ Menus at Leeann Chin and its sibling Chin's Asia Fresh are trans-fat-free. In March, Willie's Wine Bar in Minneapolis debuted with a trans-fat-free menu.”

In addition, some local school districts “are reducing the amount of trans fat on their menus. For the past year, St. Paul Public Schools has been modifying its recipes. So far, the pizza is trans-fat-free. The district hopes to roll out a healthier version of French bread by the end of the year.”
KC's View:
Let’s face it. A grass-roots approach to getting rid of trans fats is far better than government mandating such moves. Ultimately, even the likes of McDonald’s will get moving on this issue if it sees that consumers demand a change.

Which they should.