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Interesting little piece in the San Jose Mercury News about a start-up company in San Francisco called LicketyShip that is partnering with retailers in the city to provide four-hour delivery to online shoppers within the city limits. The usual fee is a flat $19.99 for packages under 150 pounds, though the company is doing virtually all its deliveries for $9.99 until Christmas.

“Every business plan competition we entered, there was always one person in the room who said `Stop, stop -- I've seen this movie before, I know how it ends. It ends $300 million later, and it's not a good ending’,” says Robert Pazornik, co-founder and CEO of the company, tells the paper.

The goal of the company is to avoid the pitfalls of dot-com busts like Kozmo and UrbanFetch by not getting into retailing itself – it just wants to be in the fulfillment biz, and believes there is enough demand in urban areas to justify the service’s existence.
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