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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the Jones Soda Co. will switch from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to pure cane sugar as a sweetener beginning January 1.

“It's better for you, it's better-tasting and, overall, it's better for the environment,” CEO Peter van Stolk tells the Post-Intelligencer, adding, “Jones Soda is a treat. It's an indulgence. If you are going to sell a treat, you should make people feel good about it. Pure cane sugar has a different taste. It's a cleaner taste, and people feel good about it. It's a little thing. But in the beverage industry, it's really challenging to do.”

He tells the paper that the change was much easier to make because Jones is a small company, and that Coke or Pepsi would find it a tougher shift to make.
KC's View:
We’ve never spoken to anyone who didn’t think that cane sugar isn’t better tasting. (That’s a triple negative, but you get the point.) And we’ve all seen the stories about how Coca-Cola from Mexico, made with cane sugar, actually is a pretty hot product in certain markets.

Coke and Pepsi might not be able to make the switch, but we wonder if this will be the start of a movement undertaken by smaller manufacturers.