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The Austin Business Journal reports that HE Butt has launched a new advertising campaign around the theme, “My HEB.”

According to the story, “Tim Duncan, Brent Barry and Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs will be featured in the first spots. Later in the 2006 holiday season, ‘My HEB’ TV spots will feature real customers offering personal stories that describe their relationships with HEB. The retailer is producing these commercials with selected customers from across the state.”

The story notes that professionally produced commercials around the theme are just the beginning. Next year, consumers will be able to produce their own commercials and post them on HEB’s website; voters can rank the best of the lot, with the winners then to be broadcast on local television stations.

"Our customers feel a sense of ownership and pride in the specific HEB stores in which they shop," Cory Basso, HEB's group vice president of marketing and advertising, tells the Business Journal. "They also feel a connection to the partners that work at HEB. Everyone across our company values this loyalty deeply and we want to focus on this phenomenon in our marketing."
KC's View:
HEB isn’t just getting personal with its shoppers for the sake of an advertising campaign. This marketing effort reflects a longstanding cultural imperative at HEB – to not just sell products to shoppers, but to be an accurate and involved member of the community, reflecting and responding to consumer concerns in a unique and innovative way.

It is the best kind of retailing and the best kind of marketing.