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The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that “Heinen's Fine Foods has become the second supermarket chain in the nation to promise to make sure that more of its beef, chicken, pork, dairy and egg products come from animals that have been raised and treated humanely.”

The first chain to do so was New York-based D’Agostino’s.

Tom Heinen, co-president of the 16-store chain, said that the company would be selling “more products from producers that are ‘Certified Humane,’ which means, according to Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), means the animals were raised with enough space “to express their natural behaviors,’ are fed a nutritious diet and aren't force-fed things they wouldn't ordinarily eat.

According to the Plain Dealer, “Heinen's Own Chicken is already Certified Humane, as are its Applegate Farms deli meats. And while Heinen's Own Beef comes from ranches that don't use hormones or antibiotics, that program is not yet Certified Humane.”
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