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The Japanese government has confirmed that its health officials have identified the nation’s 30th case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), better known as mad cow disease.

According to the government, the cow is slated to be killed and cremated so that there is no risk of it entering the food chain.

The discovery comes just months after the Japanese government decided to once again allow the import of US beef, subject to tough restrictions and continual checks on US meat processing plants; US beef had been kept out of Japan because of the discovery of a single case of BSE on these shores.
KC's View:
Amazing. The Japanese examine every cow, and they’ve found 30 cases of BSE.

The US examines a minute percentage of its cows, and US health officials say there could only possibly be nine cases in the entire country.

And people wonder why we’ve spent so much time and space over the past few years picking on the US government for what we believe is its negligent and insufficient approach to BSE, protecting the meat industry instead of consumers.