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The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Acme Fresh Markets “is slashing prices by 25 percent on the top 100 generic prescription medicines dispensed at its 15 area pharmacies.” In addition, “Acme also is cutting the cost for 100 over-the-counter health products sold under the Top Crest name, the chain's private label.”

The move comes as Acme tries to keep its head above the roiling competitive waters in the region’s pharmacy business, as chains such as Wal-Mart, Target and Giant Eagle dramatically reduce their prices for generic prescription medicines.

Acme tells the Beacon Journal that its plan is designed to be more comprehensive than those developed by the other retailers, and includes medicines not offered by its competition.
KC's View:
The two biggest competitive shifts we’ve seen in the HBC area of the business in recent months have been the dramatic cuts in at least some prescription prices and the launching by so many retailers of in-store health clinics providing basic services.

It will be interesting to see where the next shift will take us. Because while these changes have been both significant, in a lot of ways they are yesterday’s news. What we’re trying to figure out – and we have no answers yet – is what the next iteration will be.

Any ideas?