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Published reports say that UK-based Tesco plans to open a hypermarket in Beijing, China, early next year – and put its own name over the front door.

This would be a first, despite the fact that the company co-owns 42 “Le Gou” (“happy shopping”) hypermarkets there with a company called Hymall.

The Le Gou name will also be on the new store, but will share billing with Tesco…if the Chinese government approves the application by Tesco.

Tesco also reportedly plans to bring private label products to China, where it feels consumers are interested in international brands.
KC's View:
If, from a retailing perspective, the nineties were the Wal-Mart decade, we wonder if the current decade, in retrospect, will be viewed as the Tesco decade.

Good chance.

And you read it here first.