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• In Canada, the CanWest News Service reports that parents are upset with Wal-Mart because the retailer has launched “a new toyland website that encourages children to review a parade of toys presented by two animated elves, Wally and Marty.

“The retail giant offers 100 options some as pricey as the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang for $249 and children either discard them into a dump truck or send them to a rocket ship to be delivered electronically to their parents when the kids provide their addresses.”

The site, according to the report, creates or encourages an acquisitive mindset among children that some parents find to be objectionable. Even worse, the site also encourages the kids to nag their parents.
KC's View:
This is a familiar complaint, echoing one that popped up in the US a few weeks ago.

We sort of agree with the parents on this one. Anything that encourages kids to nag and whine is not a good thing.

Though to be honest, it really is up to the parents to set the tone and rule in their own households. If the little tykes get out of hand, sometimes it is just necessary to look the little darlings in the eye, smile, and say in the sweetest possible way, “Cut the crap.”