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Advertising Age reports that Wal-Mart will drop the celebrity-driven ad campaign that it used for the 2006 end of year holiday season, and instead will employ “a multimedia campaign focused on the lives of a fictional, albeit typical middle-class family.

“With the theme ‘Be Bright,’ the series of 17 TV ads focuses on holiday traditions such as the holiday family photo and the Thanksgiving Day nap within the lives and inside the homes of an extended family of 10.”

The tag line on each commercial will be a variation on “Relax, it’s from Wal-Mart.”

The company is hoping that the approach will turn around its recent declining fortunes. Wal-Mart recently announced that its October same-store sales were up a meager 0.5 percent, and forecast that its November same-store sales will be flat. At the same time, it reportedly is getting ready for what analysts expect will be a blizzard of discounts, special offers and price cuts for the holidays, hoping to rejuvenate the company’s sales picture.
KC's View:
: “Be Bright” is exactly what Wal-Mart execs must be wandering the halls muttering to themselves.

Because we suspect that “relax” isn’t a word being used much in Bentonville these days.