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The San Francisco Business Times reports that an increasing number of California winemakers are expanding their organic offerings, “even though it's unclear how important that designation is to ordinary wine consumers” and these organic wines are not the focus of the companies’ marketing efforts.

The reasons, according Peter Mondavi Jr., “are to produce higher-quality wines and to show concern for the local environment -- the environment his vineyard workers labor in, and his family and its neighbors live in.”

“Many Napa wines are made from grapes grown organically, even if they haven't been certified, because of the complexities of getting that designation,” the Business Times reports. “For example, Mondavi's company hasn't sought organic certification for its production techniques, Mondavi said, because ‘you have to keep (organic and non-organic) grapes totally separate and you can't cross over equipment, without significant record keeping.’”

But as organics in general gain mainstream appeal, it is expected that more wineries will embrace these methods and perhaps even be more public about their new priorities.
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