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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that as Trader Joe’s starts opening stores in the metro Atlanta region, it will do so without offering the exceptional wine selection – including the ultra-cheap “Three Buck Chuck” wine from Charles Shaw Vineyards – that have become a hallmark of the company’s operations.

The apparent reasons for the absence of a wine department is highly restrictive Georgia law that does not allow distributors to offer exclusives to certain retailers. And since Trader Joe specializes in differentiated brands that other retailers don’t carry, it seemed to make sense for the retailer just to avoid the problem…at least for the time being.
KC's View:
The folks in Georgia should relax. There are plenty of other reasons to go to TJ’s even if they don’t stock wine.

We should know. The Trader Joe’s near our house doesn’t have wine because state law in Connecticut doesn’t allow any supermarkets to sell it. And we’re regulars at TJ’s…