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• The Washington Post this morning reports that federal and state investigators have identified E. coli in cattle feces located within a mile of spinach fields in Salinas Valley, California, which is where contaminated produce that killed three people and sickened at least 200 came from.

The investigators now have to determine how the E. coli, which is the same strain as the kind that contaminated the spinach, could have gotten into the crops. While the discovery is encouraging, a direct link has not yet been found.

• Published reports say that Public Super Markets has announced that it will match Wal-Mart’s lowered prices on generic prescription drugs.

• As reported recently by MNB, Coca-Cola and Nestle have confirmed that they will begin marketing a new carbonated beverage in the US called Enviga, a sparkling green-tea drink under the Nestea name that is said to help burn calories. A launch in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia is set for November 6, with a national rollout slated for February 2007.
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