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California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday vetoed a bill that would have required large employers to either pay eight percent of their total wages on health care benefits or pay into an equivalent amount into a state health fund. "Singling out large employers and requiring them to spend an arbitrary amount on health care does nothing to lower costs or guarantee that even one more person has health care coverage," Schwarzenegger said in vetoing the bill; he also noted that a similar bill already had been declared unconstitutional in Maryland.

Schwarzenegger, who is running for reelection, said that it made more sense to work on comprehensive health care reform, and called on legislators to work with him on the issue.

The governor also signed this week an increase in the state’s minimum wage, giving more than 1.4 million people an increase of 75 cents an hour in January and another 50 cents the following year, boosting the rate from $6.75 an hour to $8.
KC's View:
We think it is absolutely correct that all these various pieces of legislation are designed to address symptoms rather than the real problem – and the Governator is right on in pushing for fundamental health care reform.

If lawmakers actually did so, it would make our day.