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The Chicago Sun-Times reports on a new culinary invention making its debut in the Windy City – espesso, a Spanish invention described as “coffee you can eat”

Espesso was created by Spanish chef Ferran Adria, known for his famed El Bulli restaurant outside Barcelona that only operates six months a year and is one of the hardest restaurants on earth at which to get reservations. According to the story, “Espesso consists of espresso and an ingredient the company won't divulge, combined in a pressurized canister and left to set for 12 hours. The result is a mousselike, cold solid sprayed right out of the canister.”

One serving costs $2.49. It is only available at three coffee shops operated by Lavazza, the Italian coffee company. The Sun-Times notes that “customers can order a basic espesso, or one of two souped-up versions -- espesso cappuccino or espesso macchiatto, in which the solidified espresso and solidified milk are served side by side in the same cup. Because of the preparation, each store will have a limited amount of espesso each day.”

Espesso was introduced in Europe in 2002.
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