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Wal-Mart announced yesterday that what it calls a “fully integrated multiplatform agreement for ESPN's Monday Night Football and its surrounding programming and content for the 2006-07 season. The new association will facilitate the transformation of the traditional three-hour primetime football game telecast into a 24-hour multimedia event.”

Not only will Wal-Mart be advertising on Monday Night Football – which is moving from ABC-TV to ESPN this year – and on the network’s “SportsCenter” broadcasts, but it also will be promoting the shows in-store – and using the promotions and the ads to sell the high definition televisions that it is now selling in its electronics departments.
KC's View:
One of these days, now that prices are coming down, we’re almost certainly going to look into the purchase of a nice 42-inch flat screen high definition television for the house.

Maybe we’re wrong about this, but we’d have trouble making such a purchase at Wal-Mart, no matter how low the price and no matter how much it advertises on Monday Night Football. We’d also have trouble doing it at Costco, and it would be one of the items we wouldn’t even considering buying online.

Best Buy or Circuit City would be a possibility, but we’d probably be most likely to go to a local store, Consumer TV & Appliances, where the salesmen also are experts, they can explain the whole plasma vs. LCD issue, and where we’d feel confident returning looking for support after the purchase was made. They’ve established their expertise with other purchases we’ve made there, we trust them, we know they are in business for the long term…and it just would seem to be the sensible choice.